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MSP430 MPU Controllers

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Aurora Technologies is a Texas Instruments Third party developer and consultant  


Aurora has carried out numerous projects that are based on the Texas Instruments MSP430 family
of microprocessor products. We have exercised and implemented most of the features and facilities available in
the MSP430 microcontrollers, including I/O management, PWM, ADC and on-board comparators, DAC,
various communication channels including SPI, UART, SVS and Watchdog, multiple oscillator operation
modes, timers, etc.



   1          Medical Applications 


Emphasis on low power,
miniaturization, failsafe design and software, regulatory compliancy.




   2          Industrial Applications


Emphasis on low power, miniaturization, low cost





   3         Telephone and RF 


Telephone and RF Applications

Optimal use of MSP430 on-board analog and digital resources.













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