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Vending Machine Controller
For Copier Machines, Food and Beverage Vending Machines, Game Machines, Electronic Gates

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Vending Machine Controller  - [IMG]      

Aurora Technologies have developed a Smart Card Controller (SCC) for use in
unattended vending machines such as copier machines, beverage machines, coffee
machines, game machines, electronic gates and any automatic machines and dispensers

that can be controlled electronically. The controller can work with a variety of smart cards,
and it fits various electronic  purse systems (e-purse, e-ticket).


Optionally, the controller can retain the daily transactions in its internal memory for later
downloading to a PC or a portable unit. The controller can be programmed with various
parameters, such as pricing.


Aurora Technologies offers a complete smart card controlled scheme.  This includes smart cards, controllers,
card crediting and debiting stations and administrative software for PC. We can also adapt the controller software
and features to support existing e-purse schemes.


The Smart Card Controller exists in two hardware configurations

SCC-X: The controller is mounted external to the controlled machine.
SCC-M: The controller is embedded into the face of the vending machine.



The Controller is Compatible with the following Contact Smart Card Types

ISO 7816 T=0, T=1
Schlumberger Payflex card (T=0)
Protected Memory Cards (SLE4442, SLE5542, SLE4428, SLE5528, etc.)
Any synchronous or asynchronous smart card  


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