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Vending Machine Controller
For Copier Machines, Food and Beverage Vending Machines, Game Machines, Electronic Gates

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Vending Machine Controller  - [IMG]      

Aurora Technologies have developed a Smart Card Controller (SCC) for use in
unattended vending machines such as copier machines, beverage machines, coffee
machines, game machines, electronic gates and any automatic machines and dispensers

that can be controlled electronically. The controller can work with a variety of smart cards,
and it fits various electronic  purse systems (e-purse, e-ticket).


Optionally, the controller can retain the daily transactions in its internal memory for later
downloading to a PC or a portable unit. The controller can be programmed with various
parameters, such as pricing.


Aurora Technologies offers a complete smart card controlled scheme.  This includes smart cards, controllers,
card crediting and debiting stations and administrative software for PC. We can also adapt the controller software
and features to support existing e-purse schemes.


The Smart Card Controller exists in two hardware configurations

SCC-X: The controller is mounted external to the controlled machine.
SCC-M: The controller is embedded into the face of the vending machine.



The Controller is Compatible with the following Contact Smart Card Types

ISO 7816 T=0, T=1
Schlumberger Payflex card (T=0)
Protected Memory Cards (SLE4442, SLE5542, SLE4428, SLE5528, etc.)
Any synchronous or asynchronous smart card  


Time & Attendance Units  pas - [IMG]


square - [IMG] TAU Downloads click here


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Aurora Technologies have developed a simple, low cost and easy to use time and
attendance unit (TAU). The TAU implements state-of-the-art smart card technology.


The technology enables us to write data to the card: employee parameters such as
name and entry and exit privileges. The card can also store daily transactions for later

reading by appropriate software. Aurora Technologies have also prepared ready-to-use
management software for managing communications with the unit or with the card

and processing the employee and transaction data bases. The software manages a

simple database of employees and transactions. The user can modify transactions

by adding entry or exit records in case they are missing.


פס אפור - [IMG]





The TAU system is designed for companies with -

square - [IMG]  Widely dispersed personnel
square - [IMG]  Activities in several locations
square - [IMG]  Mobile workforce
square - [IMG]  Numerous Entry and Exit gates


The system targets small and medium sized offices and firms.

 The TAU is ideal for temporary sites (construction, agriculture,
road building, etc.)



The TAU Unit -


square - [IMG] Is Battery powered
square - [IMG] Is Communication Free!!
square - [IMG] Self Contained and Indpendent 

פס אפור - [IMG]  
 tau - [IMG]  

Wall-Mounted Configuration

The unit can be mounted on a wall by means of a special device.
The site administrator can remove and replace the unit at any time.


 tau - [IMG]  

Portable Configuration

The unit in its basic form is a portable device. It can be handheld by
a supervisor.  In Idle conditions, the unit can be placed on a special
desk stand.


The portable unit is especially applicable for time and attendance
monitoring of a mobile workforce. In one such scenario, the employee carries
the TAU unit with him from one work location to another.  The local
employer or supervisor inserts his card to create the transaction.  

פס אפור - [IMG]
 tau - [IMG]  

Main Software Features

square - [IMG] Card initialization and personalization: employee, supervisor and accumulator cards. 
square - [IMG] Reading and Writing Unit Parameters by means of serial communications. 
square - [IMG] Reading transactions from the TAU unit or the card. 
square - [IMG] Unit date and time update 
square - [IMG] Managing all of the personal data of the employees. 
square - [IMG] Printing attendance reports 
square - [IMG] The software can work with an external smart card reader

פס אפור - [IMG]

Cards in the system

Employee Card


Every employee has his personal Employee Card.  The card can store up to 120 records (entries or exits). The card also contains personal data of the employee, such as his
personal ID number and name. Entry and exit privileges of the employee are also retained
on the card. The card can be configured as a backup card (in which case the TAU unit is
the main data retaining media), or as the main media for retaining transactions. 


Supervisor Card

A card that is given to the person that supervises the system and the employees. With this card, date and time of the unit can be modified manually. The card also functions as an authorization card for employee entry or exit registration, depending on the system configuration.


Accumulator Card

A card with a large memory, that can store almost 500 records of entry and exit
transactions. The card allows the operator to download transactions from the TAU unit
to several accumulator cards, loaded one after the other. These cards are then
delivered to the back office for reading, and transferring the stored records
to the main database.  Delivery can be by hand or mail.   

פס אפור - [IMG]

Main TAU Advantages

square - [IMG] Portable or Installed Configurations 
square - [IMG] State of the art smart card technology 
square - [IMG] Power and Communications Infrastructure are unnecessary 
square - [IMG] Flexible usage 
square - [IMG] Low Cost 
square - [IMG] Innovative Product  
square - [IMG] Low cost and light weight  
square - [IMG] Battery powered 
square - [IMG] Easy to use.


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