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Tirat Carmel 39103, Israel
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Development Servicespas - [IMG]


Aurora Technologies Ltd. is a third party solution developer. Since 1996, Aurora has provided satisfied
customers with comprehensive solutions and services in two main domains.  We cater to large and

small companies, specializing in solution development for start-ups and Hi-tech incubator companies.


Embedded Design of Hardware and Software Solutions


Aurora specializes in low power and reduced size design and development of embedded
modules, including -


square - [IMG] All firmware, software, and hardware design.

square - [IMG] Special expertise in Texas Instruments' MSP430 family of processors.

square - [IMG] Experience with numerous other processor families (Renesas, Silicon Labs, NXP, Atmel, Maxim, etc.)
    and development environments.

square - [IMG] Incorporating various communication disciplines (RF, passive and active RFID, cellular and land-line
     telephone, serial links, USB, LAN, one-wire, etc.).


square - [IMG] Adapting communication protocols per application requirements, including secure communication protocols.


square - [IMG] Incorporating smart cards, magnetic cards, biometrics and other means of human interfacing and identification.


square - [IMG] Provision of Layout, PCB and prototype manufacturing and testing services.


square - [IMG] Full documentation of software, hardware and production portfolios. 

פס אפור - [IMG]  

 Distributed Transaction Systems


Aurora has outstanding experience in specifying, design and implementation of systems that integrate
numerous transactional satellite/POS units and/or data collection modules with a back-office that includes

communication servers, database servers and back-office administration facilities. These were applied to

provide various prepaid and voucher systems, smart card and magnetic card based solutions, loyalty

schemes, e-purse and privilege distribution and administration systems.


In particular, Aurora offers -


square - [IMG] Complete, comprehensive and integrated solutions, including system specification.


square - [IMG] Design and preparation of dedicated software for the end point satellite or POS units.


square - [IMG] Design, definition and implementation of communication servers and database servers.


square - [IMG] Design and development of dedicated software for Back Office Administration and Control.


square - [IMG] Design and implementation of dedicated communication protocols and communication
    means, including secure communications where necessary.


square - [IMG] Comprehensive smart card solutions, including specification of smart card data models
    and access conditions and software (for POS and host environments). 



These solutions were employed in systems for -


square - [IMG] University campus cards (smart card based) for a variety of on-campus services.


square - [IMG] Electronic Meal ticketing and voucher systems.


square - [IMG] Airtime Distributed Prepaid systems, replacing "scratch" card solutions with secure
    and hi-tech electronic means of code distribution, monitoring and administration.


square - [IMG] Comprehensive and integrated Public Transportation fare collection solutions
     implementing smart cards. In particular, Taxi cards for ticketing and e-purse implementation.



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