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Aurora Technologies Ltd is a software and hardware developer and systems integrator. The company is
privately owned, and has been operating since 1996. Aurora offers comprehensive solutions for project
development from initial analysis, specification and definition to final product and production documentation.
The company capabilities and experience encompass hardware and software system engineering,
hardware design, development, prototyping, production and testing and software development.


The highly qualified professional team which lead Aurora have developed hands-on expertise in a wide and
varied range of electronic and computer related disciplines. These include control systems, data acquisition
and manipulation, medical instrumentation, industrial systems, cellular and conventional telephony applications,
intrinsically safe systems, distributed computation and control, avionic as well as commercial systems
and more. Our software history includes real-time control and communications in both PC and embedded
environments, data acquisition accumulation and processing, database servers and information processing,
data security and encryption and many other custom applications. 


Aurora Technologies has the following general capabilities -


square - [IMG] System Engineering, involving multidisciplinary project leadership and design, including all facets
    of hardware and software development.

square - [IMG] Firmware (hardware and software) design for various embedded microcontrollers, including real-time,
    communications and control applications.

square - [IMG] Software design for PC based applications. We also provide complete software support packages for
    data communications, data collection, data bases and process control, provided on PC based platforms
    in Microsoft Windows environments.

square - [IMG] Software application design and implementation on third party terminals, including Lipman (now Verifone), Ingenico,
    Schlumberger/Gemalto, Thyron and others.

square - [IMG] Hardware design and development, including analog and digital circuitry, microprocessor and
    computer based systems and interfacing. Our capabilities include system analysis, circuit design
    provision of prototype and preproduction models, testing and full documentation.

square - [IMG] Integration of various third party hardware and software elements with our own into final systems.

square - [IMG] Complete System Design and Integration, including multiport communication servers, database
    servers and application clients.



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Custom System, Software and Hardware Design, Development and Deployment of -


square - [IMG]  Embedded Microcontroller Firmware, with expertise in Very Low Power embedded electronics
     and miniaturization.

square - [IMG]  Low Power Wireless modules, including Zigbee, customized RF transceiver units for ISM band
     applications (433MHz., 2.4GHz, etc.).

square - [IMG]  RFID Systems, including Active RFID tags and sensors.

square - [IMG]  Smart Card (contact and contactless), Magnetic and Credit Card Applications including Prepaid,
     Loyalty Club and Membership Systems.

square - [IMG]  Electronic Payment and Transaction Based Applications, including database and communication servers.

square - [IMG]  Distributed and Centralized Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control Systems and Applications.

square - [IMG]  Time and Attendance, Personal ID and Access Control Systems.

square - [IMG]  Telephone, Cellular and RF Accessories and Applications


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Dr. Ron J. Gal-Ezer, Managing Director


Dr. Gal-Ezer holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of
Southern California (U.S.C.), Los Angeles, California, and an M.Sc. in Industrial Management
from the Technion in Haifa, Israel. He served as Senior VP for R&D and Engineering and CTO
in several hi-tech companies, and is the co-founder and Managing Director of Aurora.

Dr. Gal-Ezer is also a senior technical advisor on Smart Cards and Fare Collection for the

Israel Ministry of Transportation.



Didi Avram, Technical Manager


Mr. Avram is a co-founder of Aurora. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion
in Haifa, Israel. He has been responsible for hardware and software development of real time
industrial control, embedded design, data acquisition and management systems, including
design and development of Power Plant control systems for the Israel Electric Company.


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