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MSP430 Based Telephone and RF Applications

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 square - [IMG]  Telephony apparatus for PSTN (Land Line) Least Cost Routing and microswitch functionalities.
      The unit is powered by the telephone line, requiring only up to 10 μA in On-Hook conditions,
      thus eliminating the need for an external power supply.  Implementation used TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]  Telephone communication module for interfacing PSTN and DTMF signaling between remote
      clients and a host PC.  The TI MSP430 was used for this project.

 square - [IMG]  Host RF Transceiver for interfacing between active RF sensors and RFID modules and a Host PC.
      The Transceiver transmitted commands and operational parameters to the client module, and received
      accumulated measured and calculated data. The communication channel involved a proprietary protocol,
      including anti-collision support.

square - [IMG]  Zigbee based low power wireless sensor - Development and Test Board.  TI MSP430 and Chipcon transceivers

     were used for this project.

square - [IMG]  Zigbee based (using TI/Chipcon transceiver ICs), low power wireless sensor.

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