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MSP430 Based Industrial Applications

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 square - [IMG]  High weld current control, integrating thermal sensing and high current control (up to 30 A.) disciplines.

 square - [IMG]  Industrial Multi-Controller Automatic Test Unit for testing a complex Industrial Control apparatus. 
     The Tester includes an array of 16 MSP430 microcontrollers, each of which carries out its own 
     dedicated tasks, as well as inter-controller coordinated, complex testing functionalities. The tests
     include analog, digital, throughput and timing disciplines. The microcontrollers were integrated
     into a local communications network for coordinated test routines, and to a host computer for
     uploading parameters and downloading test results.


 square - [IMG]  Host RF Base Station Transceiver for interfacing between active RF sensors and RFID modules and a Host PC.
      The Transceiver transmitted commands and operational parameters to the client module, and received
      accumulated measured and calculated data. The communication channel involved a proprietary 
      protocol, including anti-collision support.  Transceiver implementation was based on TI's MSP430.


 square - [IMG]  Industrial application for testing eggs. This unit carries out a variety of physical tests on chicken eggs
      (yolk and white color, viscosity, homogeneity, etc.) to determine their quality. The unit incorporates
      an LCD display, keyboard, controlled and mechanized movement of the tray, a variety of sensors and
      numerous analytic algorithms.  It outputs a printed report that conforms to regulatory requirements.

      Implementation was based on TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]   Industrial, 2.4GHz. RF link and controller for control of a CNC measurement device.  2 modules were developed -

       a unit located in the CNC head, and a base station unit.  Both were based on TI MSP430 and Chipcon technologies.

 square - [IMG]  Zigbee based low power wireless sensor - Development and Test Board.  Implementation was based on TI's MSP430

      and Chipcon transceivers.

 square - [IMG]  Zigbee based (using TI MSP430 andChipcon transceiver IC's), low power wireless sensor.

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