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MSP430 Based Medical Applications

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 square - [IMG]  Mobile Medical unit for remote measurement of lung and pulmonary related
      parameters of patients, including telemedical features for transmitting measured data to
      medical facilities.  Implemented by means of TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]   Automatic Injector of medication, battery operated.   Implementation was based on TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]    Medical application for high weld current control, integrating thermal sensing and high current
        control (up to 30 A.).  Implementation was based on TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]     Medical Implant, involving long term battery operation, a MICS RF transceiver for
         communication with attending physician and an embedded miniature motor control.

         Implemented by means of TI's MSP430.

 square - [IMG]  Active RF Sensor and Transponder for Veterinary purposes. This module was designed for very low
      power consumption, effecting a battery life of 5 years. It was implanted in livestock for lifespan health monitoring
      and observation. The module included analog, digital and MSP430 based circuitry for sampling thermal,
      accoustic and other phenomena, analyzing the results and transmitting the results via an RF channel

      (employing TI/Chipcon transceiver ICs) to a host transceiver.

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