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Smart Card Programs

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Aurora Technologies has considerable experience in specification, development and
of various smart card, prepaid, electronic payment and other transactional intensive applications
These applications invariably include point of sale terminals, on which the transaction is carried
out, and a back office that supports communications, database and administration facilities.


Aurora offers design and development services of these applications, including -


square - [IMG] System technical and operational specifications

square - [IMG] Definition of Smart card parameters, security and data model

square - [IMG] Software for the Point of Sale (POS) terminals

square - [IMG] Database definition and design

square - [IMG] Communication server design

square - [IMG] Back Office administration and monitoring software packages


Systems that were designed and developed by Aurora include -


square - [IMG] University Campus Card System

square - [IMG] Meal voucher

square - [IMG] Smart card for Taxi cab payments

square - [IMG] Smart cards in Public Transportation

square - [IMG] Internet access and library services


In a typical such system, transactions are carried out on the POS terminals. These are
third party units that invariably include an LCD display, keyboard, magnetic and/or smart
card reader and communication support (PSTN line modem, cellular modem, LAN or
serial communications). Aurora has developed software for units from several
manufacturers, including Lipman/Verifone, Ingenico, Thyron, Schlumberger/Axalto
/Gemalto, etc. and can adapt to any third party POS terminal.


The Communications, Database and Back Office are designed and adapted to conform to
customer requirements, including on-line or off-line transactions, communications protocols
and security features, internet accessibility, operator interaction and reports. 


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