Aurora Technologies Ltd.

17 Motzkin St., P.O.Box 388
Tirat Carmel 39103, Israel
Voice: +972 4 8576982
Fax: +972 4 8576983

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Aurora Technologies Ltd is a software and hardware developer and systems integrator. The company is privately
owned, and has been operating since 1996. Aurora offers comprehensive, professional and cost effective solutions
for project development from initial analysis, specification and definition to final product prototyping and production


The company capabilities and experience encompass hardware and software system engineering, hardware design,
development, prototyping, production and testing and software development. The firm caters to startup as well as
veteran companies, customizing their products and shortening the development cycle and time to market of
advanced and commercial projects.


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Aurora offers design and development solutions in numerous and varied
disciplines, including the following:


square - [IMG] Embedded Microcontroller Design and Development, with emphasis on Very 
    Low Power embedded electronics, low component count and circuit 
    miniaturization and RF disciplines.

square - [IMG] Electronic Payment and Transaction Based Applications, including
   database and communication servers.

square - [IMG] Smart Card based programs and applications.



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Web Development